Move Beyond Demographics.

Identify, Exploit, & Interrupt
Decision Makers that Matter

Micro Targeting & Influencer Engagement

Move beyond demographics and focus on the specific decision makers that matter. Xcusi’s proprietary marketing tools and strategies are designed to target audiences at an individual level and focus on key behavioral and opportunity markers, such as organizational role, job title, industry, location and specific buying or donation habits.

Cross Platform Digital Marketing

Control what your target audience sees online. When push comes to shove and everything is on the line, you can’t settle for a handful of exposures and just hope to get lucky. We help clients make their own luck. For those times when you absolutely need the attention and interest of a specific influencer, Xcusi’s cross platform tracking and advertising tools allow you to interrupt the online experiences of key decision makers and immerse them in your messaging, ensuring better brand awareness and deeper mind share penetration than possible with traditional advertising – at a fraction of the cost.

Lead Amplification

Blur the line between direct, content and pay-per-click marketing. By integrating your various social, networking and digital advertising communication efforts we’re able to amplify and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing, and in many instances expand upon lead lists and customer demographics by creating lookalike audiences – all while minimizing the risk of your messaging being perceived as intrusive or marked as spam.

Objective & Industry Agnostic Solutions

We can generate leads, but smart clients use Xcusi for so much more. Our strategies and efficiency tools are objective and industry agnostic. Regardless of whether you’re looking for additional capital, to build brand awareness, or gain entrance to a niche, business to business or luxury market – Xcusi can help you more easily reach your communication, awareness and funding goals.

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