7 Debunked Myths About Linkedin Open Networking

There’s an ongoing debate with Linkedin users, an argument as old as the platform itself. Is it better to be an open networker and connect with everyone or is there an advantage to maintaining a smaller, more exclusive network?

And we’re here today to settle the debate once and for all…

We can say conclusively that having more followers and connections on Linkedin is almost always beneficial.

Don’t believe us? Hold on to your hat. We’re about to debunk the 7 most common arguments we hear against Linkedin Open Networking….

Myth #1: Open Networking is Against the Rules

Linkedin does explicitly state in their terms of […] Read more

Top 5 Benefits of Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to software and other technologies designed to allow marketers more effectively advertise and communicate on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.

When used correctly, automating basic and repetitive marketing tasks can lend smaller businesses, particularly those with limited resources, a distinct advantage over their competition by running complex, otherwise impossible or cost prohibitive tasks far more efficiently than would be expected through more traditional or manual methods. In fact, in the digital age for many industries, particularly those dependent on lead generation, automation has become the norm […] Read more

Facebook Messaging Update Opens the Door for Cold Calling

Facebook announced a change this week that appears to open (or at least widen) the door for messaging. Specifically, that your message is now guaranteed to be read (at least partially) by a large proportion of Facebook’s massive, and more importantly, very active, audience (that’s 1.5 billion people, 84% of which check it daily, to be precise) that you are not currently connected with.

Introducing Message Requests

Previously, if you received a message on Facebook from someone you didn’t know or didn’t share a mutual connection with (the Linkedin equivalent of a 3rd connection), the message would be sent to an “Other” folder – […] Read more

Linkedin Coach & Expert Buying Guide

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of firms advertising themselves as Linkedin Coaches, Experts or Consultants. The unfortunate reality is that most of them are at best hacks are a good majority are hucksters or scams. Now we don’t typically like to make a habit of speaking of anyone negatively, but as reputable consultants we feel we have a responsibility to protect those who may be less knowledgeable on the subject.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of red flags to be on the lookout for:

Red Flag #1: the Linkedin Expert lacks a legitimate following

We’ve all heard the phrase, do as […] Read more