Move Beyond Demographics

If you could handpick who saw your ads,
would you advertise to anyone else?


Xcusi’s marketing strategies and efficiency tools are specifically designed to target audiences at an individual level, track them cross platform and through strategic media buys, manipulate their online and social experiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

We can generate leads, but smart clients use Xcusi for so much more. Our strategies and efficiency tools are objective and industry agnostic. Regardless of whether you’re looking for additional capital, to build brand awareness, or gain entrance to a niche or difficult to tap market, if isolating a precise segment of your audience would help your business – we can make it happen.

Xcusi has cracked the code
to disruptive digital marketing

We find the decision makers that matter
– and control what they see online.

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Isolate, Track, & Engage Decision Makers that Matter

Our 3 point strategy works cross platform and is not restricted to any industry or purpose.


Chances are unless you’re a mass market consumer brand, there’s more to your target audience than a collection of corollary demographic features like age, gender or location. Xcusi’s proprietary data mining tools expose what would otherwise be obscured or unidentifiable demographics, audiences, and niches.


Once we have identified the individual members that compose your target audience, we track them across the web. In the instance of business to business marketing, this typically means identifying leads or commercial contacts on and exploiting more consumer oriented social media and search platforms where ad inventory is more readily available and affordable.


By saturating the newsfeeds and search results of identified targets we are able to immerse them in your messaging. This strategy allows us to effectively interrupt and influence their online and social experiences, while minimizing any risk of being perceived as intrusive or spamming.

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